Careers Newsletter: Easter Break 2022

Two Great Opportunities

Over the Easter break there are two great opportunities to find out about career opportunities. On 12th April the Air League are holding a virtual careers fair about careers in aviation and on 13th April Sky are holding a virtual event showcasing the training opportunities they offer.

Air League - Soaring to Success

The Air League are an organisation who help and encourage students to think about careers in the aerospace industry

The Air League have given us the following incredible opportunity:

  • An online career conference on Tuesday 12th April with speakers from 7 industry leading organisations showcasing 21 distinct career opportunities

  • a series of e-learning modules developed with corporate partners building industry knowledge, industry related learning (enrichment), and further career profile/apprenticeship information

  • an Air Experience Day in the Summer term at Elstree Aerodrome for eligible students which includes a powered flight experience and a turn at the controls alongside other workshop activities and further careers signposting.

Students from Years 9 and 10 are eligible for the Air Experience Day, however, any student or parent interested in the career opportunities in aviation can take part on the online career conference. If you are interested or even just curious about what is out there please click on the Air League logo below which will take you the the application page

Sky - Insight Days

Do you wonder how our award-winning news, sports events or original dramas are brought to life behind the camera or mic? Want to learn what’s like editing breath taking content, writing stories as a journalist? At Sky you can.

With Sky opening the first part of their new site in less than two months lots of people are very interested in what Sky will be doing, but may not know how to get involved. Sky offer a variety of training opportunities and different ways into a career in media. These training opportunities are all a part of the Sky Content Academy. On Wednesday 13th April Sky are holding a Content Academy Digital Insight Event. Not only will you get to learn about the assessment process, but you’ll get to hear directly from current trainees about what they’re doing and their experiences. Plus you’ll get a chance to ask them anything you want. This is a great chance to find out about the opportunities at Sky. If you are interested click on the Sky logo below and follow the instructions to book yourself a place.