Careers Newsletter: January 2022

Careers Spotlight: Radiographer

Radiographers are health care professionals who operate special scanning machines that make images for medical purposes. They use equipment like X-ray machines, CT scanners, and advanced technologies such as digital fluoroscopy.

What Does a Radiographer Do?

Radiographers often pass their findings on to radiologists, who interpret the images to help make a diagnosis. This is called diagnostic radiology. Interventional radiology uses imaging during a medical procedure to guide and assist in treatment.

Besides a medical center’s radiology department, radiographers can work in areas like surgery, the emergency room, cardiac care, intensive care, and patient rooms.

Radiographers' tasks include:

  • Helping with radiation treatment for cancer patients

  • Preparing patients for radiologic procedures

  • Maintaining imaging equipment

  • Ensuring that safety protocols are being followed

  • Helping surgeons, such as with imaging during complicated procedures

Boosting your CV

So what is a CV? CV is short for Curriculum Vitae and is a short document which summarises your unique skills, character, experience and achievements.

For students it can feel difficult to know what to write as you haven't had the time to build up the experience that employers always seem to want.

In this section we will look at ways of making your CV stand out for future employers so you can get that dream job. Last month we looked at after school clubs, this month we consider voluntary work.

Consider volunteering for a few weeks:

A great way to improve your working experience is to volunteer for a few weeks.

And we’re not just about the local charity shop.

If you have a particular type of job in mind that you’d like to do, why not search for companies within that industry and request to do a couple of weeks volunteering with them? The company will benefit from having an extra pair of hands for a few weeks, and you’ll benefit from improving your knowledge, understanding and experience, which will look great on your CV!

Finding volunteering opportunities is easier than you think. The first place you should start looking is in your local area. Drop by some of the places that you wouldn’t mind working in for a few weeks and ask if they have the capacity to take you on as a volunteer.

If you don’t have any luck in your local area, try searching online. There are a large number of volunteering websites out there that list opportunities all across the UK.

Careers in Hertfordshire: Engineering and Manufacturing

Hertfordshire continues to build on its pioneering industrial heritage. The first production commercial jetliner, the de Havilland Comet, was developed and manufactured in Hatfield in 1947 and Hertfordshire was home to the first digital radio manufacturer in the UK.

Stevenage is the leading location for the UK space industry and home to the 2018 ExoMars Rover and the 2017 Solar Orbiter Satellite research and development programmes.

Hertfordshire’s engineering research and manufacturing capability is built on a long history of innovation. Established centres of excellence include:

  • Science & Technology Research Institute (STRI)

  • Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR)

  • Centre for Atmospheric and Instrumentation Research (CAIR)

  • Materials Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL)

  • Institute for Acoustics

  • Institution of Engineering and Technology

Key Companies include:

  • Airbus Defence and Space

  • MBDA

  • BAE Systems

  • Thermal Engineering, Senior PLC

Hertfordshire’s world-class engineering companies specialise in aerospace, space and satellite engineering, communication technologies, electronics, defence and security-related equipment and logistics.

The advanced engineering sector includes top global companies such as Airbus, MBDA, Johnson Matthey, and Smiths Detection, as well as a multitude of niche engineering companies involved in everything from components to consumables.

Across the UK, more than 90,000 companies are involved in advanced manufacturing and engineering, employing 2.7 million people.

Between 2005 and 2015, manufacturing productivity grew three times faster than the rest of the UK’s economy. Advanced manufacturing contributes more than £162 billion to the British economy. R&D investment in the sector, at £13.5 billion a year, accounts for almost 70% of Britain’s entire research and development spending.

Advanced manufacturing and engineering contributed £3.5 billion to the Hertfordshire economy in 2015. The value of the sector to the economy grew by 2.1% per year between 2005 and 2015, compared with a national rate of 1.6%.

For more information please go to

Current Opportunities

This month there are opportunities to get involved with the accountants KPMG and with Sky as well as a webinar on careers in law:

The Hertfordshire Careers and Enterprise team are delighted to announce next week’s webinar which will focus on Careers in Law. We will be joined by two trainee Solicitors (one in Corporate Law and the other in Herts CC Legal team) who will share their own experiences.

Please direct students to HOP to register:

The webinar may be of use for any students considering Law as a future career choice. We have already delivered a Law based Webinar last year though this featured two Family Solicitors so any students specifically interested in that strand of Law may want to watch that session back:

Welcome to KPMG’s 2022 Student Recruitment update!

At KPMG, we recognise that we need Inclusion, Diversity and Social Equality to be successful. We would love to work with you further to showcase and develop the bright-minded students you have at your institution. While university might seem like the obvious next step, an apprenticeship can offer just as many opportunities – especially here at KPMG. We can support students with guidance on making the right choices about their future and being able to adapt to the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in.

We hope this information can be passed onto other teams you work with, as well as students who are interested in hearing more about our firm.

2022 Apprenticeship Recruitment Opportunities

We wanted to let you know that applications for our 2022 KPMG Apprenticeship Programmes are now open. Our apprenticeship programmes offer the chance to work and obtain a qualification, as well as gain on hand experiences within our business areas.

We are excited to announce we have now opened applications for the following programmes which are aimed at those who have, or are about to complete A-Levels (or equivalent) and are able to start a programme in autumn 2022:

We also have programmes available for those who have or are about to complete their GCSEs (or equivalent).

More information and how to apply to these programmes can be found here. KPMG recruits on a rolling basis and so we continue to encourage prospective applicants to apply as early as possible, to avoid disappointment.

Any students who are not in the position to apply now can sign up to our Talent Community which will keep them updated as programmes go live.

New Application process

We have recently implemented a new recruitment process for our 2022 Apprenticeship roles. This remains strengths based but is more aligned across all of our student programmes. Details of what to expect at each stage of the process is available here and can be viewed in the students own time.

National Apprenticeship Week 7th – 11th February 2022

In February we will be celebrating National Apprenticeship week, a nationwide celebration that gives businesses like ourselves the chance to showcase their apprenticeship programmes and apprentices while providing valuable information to career seekers.

We are excited to hear about any events you may be running for National Apprenticeship week and would love to be involved. We are happy to attend events run by your schools or we can support you by organising virtual sessions for your students run by our student recruitment team. These include sessions on:

  • Commercial Awareness

  • Networking

  • Personal brand

  • Wellbeing

  • Insight to KPMG

We are happy to work with you on adapting these sessions to create engaging careers advice for your students, the length of the sessions can also be flexible to suit the use of these for lesson purposes. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch with us at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at, additionally we would love to hear any feedback on how useful you have found this information and how frequently you would like to receive updates from us.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Best wishes,

The KPMG Student Recruitment team

Sky early Careers:

Sky are hosting a parent and teacher session on 10th January from 5pm to 6pm. This aims to showcase what apprenticeships are, what students can expect from an apprenticeship at Sky, and how an apprenticeship can start to a young person’s career journey. If you are interested please scan the QR code below or. Sign up here.

Sky are also running a number of short virtual events to support getting females into their Home Service Apprentice programmes across the UK. These roles will be open to all, from any educational background, age and are able to drive (manual licence). Sky celebrate diversity, because they believe different people, with different perspectives, make Sky a better business. Their Apprentice Q&A: Women in Home Service event will take place on 19th January 2022 from 5pm to support females interested in this programme. They’ll get the opportunity to hear directly from our existing female Apprentices and really get to understand what the experience and journey have been like for them. Sky are also taking sign-ups right up until the time of this event. However, we recommend students sign up early to ensure the joining link is sent prior to the event start time. Interested students can apply here.